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Friday, July 31, 2009


Silence after the Noise
Dawn after Night
Soul Stirring Music
A Hug after a Fight

Tears of Joy
Having no Regrets
Pouring Rain after a Hot Summer Day,
Your Baby's Smile after a Hard Day

Being Loved
Words of Comfort
Friends in Times of Need
Happy Memories

Precious, Just Being Alive to witness another Beautiful Day!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Artistically Blessed...

The other day I was listening to old MJ songs and watching some of his videos and it hit me, again, that he was just SO outrageously talented! Of course, he was one of those 'born once in a million years' kind of an artist, but this is not about him.

It's about what he represented, an extraordinary gift.

There are artists that have unimaginable talent and creativity. I'm so in awe of them! Of course, I believe that destiny determines whether they are successful or not,but just the fact they are immensely blessed is what gets me.
Have you not heard soul-stirring music and wondered how this magic of creation happens? If it's not divine intervention every time a masterpiece is created, then what is it?

If you have the gift of arts, please don't let it go waste, give it all you've got. Even though you may not be lucky enough to get successful at it, stay with your craft, it's your special something from God.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

In Defense of Parents

Probably the most important job in the whole world is..Parenting. Not to pressure those who are on their way to becoming new parents, but it's really true. Well..when you're getting married you think that's going to be a toughie..but the moment you become a parent..everything else marraige,career seems like a cakewalk.
As if it's not tough enough, we make it more so, by being hard on ourselves, especially us Moms, 'Did i get it right'? the perennial thought on our minds.

Which brings me to the question..is parenting an Art, a Science or a Gift? Do some people just make better parents or are they 'born with it'? Or, do you get good at it ( like preparing for an exam) if you work hard enough?
Whatever it is, I'm sure all of us try our absolute best in every way possible and thats what matters.

Because, there are others who will make you feel like a klutz , judging you, monitoring every milestone your kid should reach ( oh..isn't she crawling yet?, she must be talking by now! etc.), why inflict the same misery on yourself.
To all the Moms and Dads out there, whenever you are haunted by the thought 'Am I a good parent?', just dismiss it and give yourself more credit for doing an absolutely terrific job at raising your beautiful children.