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Sunday, June 21, 2009

To Dad, With Love

Father holding daughter

Dear Dad,

Today is Father's Day. I find myself being particularly melancholy about it this year. Probably because it's a big thing here in the US; I suddenly miss you more than ever.

I wish I had a pensieve (as used by Dumbledore to capture memories in the Harry Potter series) so that I could see every little memory of ours anytime. I just hate the fact that I don't remember anything about my childhood,when you were around me.

Whenever I listen to good music, I remember you...I close my eyes and imagine that we are listening to it together. I feel connected to you in that moment, I know you loved music a lot. What I miss the most is just talking to you and having you around me. I'm curious to know..do you miss me up there in Heaven? Anyway, I know you are with me in spirit at all times, whether happy or sad.

Happy Father's Day, Dad! I love you.


Your Daughter

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